How Do You Define Yourself?

If I could look your name up in a dictionary, what would I find?

Here’s what my definition would read:

Kelly Queijo

\`kel-ly `kay-jo\  n. 1:  writer, poet, networker, salesperson, e-marketer, web developer, traveler, mom, wife, photographer, movie buff, telecommuter, speaker, learner, Virginia Tech Hokie, entrepreneur;  2: one esp. interested in reading, laughter, brainstorming, social networking, colleges, universities, admissions, internet, win-win, people, networking, IT, fitness, friends, relationships, family, communication, synergy   adj. happy, positive, intuitive, inquisitive, creative, quirky, intense, work ethic


A Brief Bio

A Brief Bio

Z. Kelly Queijo is president of Smart College Visit, Inc., a higher-ed marketing and college visit planning portal, which she founded in 2010.

A Virginia Tech alumna, Kelly held the position of Undergraduate Admissions Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator for Virginia Tech from 1993-2000.

She is the former Director of i-Recruitment Services for Carnegie Communications and Internet Sales Manager for CollegeNET, both of which provide web-based services to college admissions offices. An award-winning writer and marketing campaign developer, Kelly is the 2010 VT Knowledgeworks Entrepreneurship Summit award winner for best business concept.

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