Though my entrepreneurial journey began in junior high selling Christmas Cards door-to-door in my neighborhood to earn enough money to buy a bike, it took me until 2009 to gain enough nerve to begin to acquire and develop resources that would lead me down a more challenging, interesting, global path.

Smart College Group

Smart College Group

Adding additional team members also meant increasing opportunities for growth, new ideas, and a fresh perspective about where we are now and where we are headed. We realized that we needed a broader brand concept to hold all the pieces of what I had been building on my own. Smart College Group was formed in 2017 as a digital marketing agency focused in the higher ed market. Learn more about what we’re doing and where we’re headed at SmartCollegeGroup.com.


Smart College Visit, Inc.

Company Overview: When choosing a college, the campus visit is one of the most critical elements in decision-making for the college and for the prospective student. Parents and teens want to ensure they get the most out of each campus visit and Smart College Visit delivers.

smart college visit

Smart College Visit, Inc. (SCV) combines college search with campus visit travel to form an integrated approach to the college selection process by addressing the needs of college admissions departments, as well as those of college-bound teens and their parents, making it convenient to search for colleges, plan campus visits, and make travel purchases using SCV’s suite of products and services.

To learn more about our products and services, go to: About SCV – SmartCollegeVisit.com

Smart College Consulting

Serving students locally and globally, we provide comprehensive college admission counseling services to help students and their families successfully navigate the road to college. While we cannot guarantee admission to any specific college or university, we can guarantee that we will present options that are a good fit for your student.

Smart College Consulting

Our services range from hourly consulting with students in middle school on up to comprehensive packages for high school juniors and seniors. Meetings with families and students in our local area will be held at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center office complex where our office is located. For students outside of our region, we will offer teleconferencing and collaboration services such as Skype, Google Hangout, or Kenja.

Blacksburg Lodging

Company Overview: Promoting lodging, living, and learning in Blacksburg, Virginia, Blacksburg Lodging provides a convenient way to search for area lodging including hotels, bed and breakfast inns, extended stay and executive business travelers. Travelers can not only plan travel to the New River Valley but can also book travel to other destinations. As part of the Priceline Partner Network, we provide access to world-class travel search and booking tools and deliver time- and money-saving results. [More about Blacksburg Lodging]

blacksburg lodging