Z. Kelly Queijo

\`kel-ly `kay-jo\ n. 1: writer, poet, networker, salesperson, e-marketer, web developer, traveler, mom, wife, photographer, movie buff, telecommuter, speaker, learner, Virginia Tech Hokie, entrepreneur; 2: one esp. interested in reading, laughter, brainstorming, social networking, colleges, universities, admissions, internet, win-win, people, networking, IT, fitness, friends, relationships, family, communication, synergy adj. happy, positive, intuitive, inquisitive, creative, quirky, intense, work enthusiast

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It may be cliche, but “Do what you love; love what you do,” is the how and why the people who are part of the Smart College Group came to be. Together, we combine our passion for technology, writing, travel, education, and all things marketing to create solutions that serve colleges and universities, students, and companies. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Marketing Automation Strategy

There has never been a more exciting time to be a marketer, make that digital marketer. From crafting the right message to tracking engagement through digital footprinting, smart tools combined with decades of marketing know-how make the timing perfect to implement and manage your state-of-the-art strategic marketing campaign.

Real Opportunities

Building Teams for Success

I love building teams that work. I am building life-changing opportunities for stay-at-home moms (and dads), students, graduates, and anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. If you’re at a crossroads, or you love being part of an already successful company that’s growing exponentially and globally, click here to learn more or to contact me.

As a contributor to a corporate enterprise, Z. Kelly Queijo is unsurpassed for fine work, creativity, business and marketing expertise, and an ability to see and envision opportunities and possibilities.

Anne H. Giles

President, CEO, Handshake Media, Incorporated

Kelly is a fantastic writer, editor and innovator in both the social media and higher education realms. From our first meeting in 2010, I knew that Kelly would do some outstanding things with her company, Smart College Visit. [Read more] Zack Rosen

Senior Manager, Marketing Communications, Weill Cornell Medical College

It is my pleasure to recommend Kelly. I met her in 1995 while trying to sell Virginia Tech on an internet service. The service was one of the first asp delivered in the world. While Virginia Tech received press for being forward thinking and trendsetting, it was the individuals like Kelly that had the foresight to understand and embrace it. [Read more] Patrick Carmody

President, ResTrend Software

Creative and energetic, Kelly embraced new technologies and delivered innovative solutions to help increase enrollment and promote the university.

Karen Torgersen

Coordinator, Leifur Eiriksson Foundation

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